7 Reasons Why Your Family’s Next Summer Vacation Should Be a Road Trip

Let's face it, traveling can be seriously expensive and and kind of hectic. But with a road trip, you can save some cash while making your own schedule!

Throughout parenting history there has been increasing pressure to provide our families with bigger and better contemporary luxuries, such as vacations. While vacations are an essential time to unwind and reconnect, they can often be very stressful to plan and organize, not to mention may get expensive. Whether you will be vacationing with your children, your spouse, or alone, opting for some time off spent on the open road offers many advantages over more traditional options. Here are a few reasons why your next vacation should be a road trip!

They’re easy to plan last minute!

School vacation ticks closer and closer…. and affordable plane flights are near impossible to book at the last minute. Instead of forcing it as the date approaches, consider a road trip instead! The other fun thing about road trips is that they can be so spontaneous. Since it’s relatively easy to pack up and take off for a weekend, it’s easy to change up the routine if your summer is getting a little stale.

You can discover your area!

You probably have never been to many of the states that surround yours, even though they may have very interesting cities, attractions, or state/national parks. Road trips offer an excellent blend of new and familiar– you can stay in your region and still change up the scenery! Get out and explore new spaces!

They’re affordable!

Many families are unable to vacation frequently, or at all, because airfare, hotels, and eating out at restaurants can add up quickly. A road trip can be much less expensive for the family who is looking to save! You can pack a few days’ worth of meals for the road and there’s no need to splurge on expensive hotels or resorts!

If you really want to go for it then consider renting an RV, and you’ll save tons of money on hotels! The fun is in the car!

Have unique adventures!

You and your chosen road trip crew can tailor your trip to whatever you will find interesting! There is no standard course… road trips are a choose-your-own-adventure story!

There are no deadlines!

If you do not have a plane to catch or a set deadline to get back to the real world then road trips allow you to take your time to do what you want. If you find a cool spot you can extend your visit, and you can move onto your new spots at your own pace.

Make Memories!

Road tripping is an excellent way to make memories! Being trapped in a car with a lot of bodies and a lot of love can be very, well, frustrating at times, but the bonding is absolutely worth it. You will make infinite memories with your family and friends. You will be telling stories about the antics and shenanigans from the road and your stops for years to come!

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Shelly Stevens
Shelly is a wife, mother, and eco-conscience member of society. When not fulfilling her daily family duties, she actively seeks out ways to make the world a better place.