Easy DIY Gift Ideas You Can Make Quickly and on a Budget Within an Hour

Take it easy on your bank account with these great, cheap DIY gift ideas

Most people think handmade gifts take a lot of time. And for good reason—I’ve made plenty of gifts that took hours (sometimes days) to put together! But not every meaningful or do-it-yourself gift is that way. Nope.

In fact, there are plenty of last-minute options that take less than an hour to whip up. They’re quick, easy, and are probably some of the most heart-felt gifts you could ever give. Most of them take less than $5 to make too. Score!

Great Gifting Made With Less

Today, I’ve rounded up some easy handmade gift ideas to get those creative juices flowing and put you in a crafting mood. Knock out a handful this weekend and before you know it, your Christmas list will be complete. You might even have time to make some for yourself!

  • Washi tape is amazing. Pair it with a fresh notebook and my type-A heart gets just a little giddy! Know someone who would swoon over this cuteness too? Whip up a Washi Tape Notebook (or two) and add a cute pencil for total office supply geek-out.

  • Once you make one of these Post-it gifts, you’ll be just as addicted as I am. They’re super easy! All you need is a handful of patterned paper scraps and a set of post-it pads. You can knock out 3-4 of these in just one hour.

  • Assemble this adorable gift for a friend who loves to bake. Free printables are included, so all you have to do is nab a set of cookie cutters and a jar, then tie with jute string for a rustic feel.

  • Mini books are so much fun to give, especially when they are personalized by YOU! Print out these cards on card stock, trim, and hole punch to hang on a key ring. Friend Dates and Parent Dates are included too.

  • Ever wonder if Sharpie mugs really live up to the hype? This step-by-step tutorial gives you secret behind which markers work, and which don’t. Now you can go crazy with a creative or quirky quote!

  • Chill Pills

    This is such a great idea for someone you know who is just stressed to the max (As long as you have a good relationship with them of course!). This prescription is guaranteed to bring laughs and a smile – and who know’s it may even reduce their stress every time they look at the bottle in the future!

  • I still can’t get over how adorable these hair bows are, and they don’t take super long to make. You can customize with all sorts of ribbon colors and themes, then raid your button stash to hot glue in the middle. Perfect for you daughter, niece, granddaughter, or God-Daughter!

  • Candy
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Date Night
  • Hair Bows
  • Notebooks
  • Post-It Notes
  • Washi
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Shelly Stevens
Shelly is a wife, mother, and eco-conscience member of society. When not fulfilling her daily family duties, she actively seeks out ways to make the world a better place.