The Best Podcasts to Learn about Finance and the Economy

Podcasts are often overlooked, but they truly deserve a listen if you're interested in learning new things

The absolute best way to learn about things in a passive and hassle-free manner is podcasts. They’re short, they’re funny, they travel with you… They’re a game changer. If you wish to get better handle of your finances and begin saving then educating yourself is a great place to start.

In a world of tons of information and too many news source options, a simple, bite-sized, informed educational source is refreshing. There are many podcasts that focus on money, personal finance and the economy, but here are a few of my favorites that you should check out.

  • Planet Money is an NPR podcast that focuses on relevent economic topics and makes them easier to understand.

  • Money Girl is a QuickandDirtyTips podcast about personal finance. The host, Laura Adams, walks through typical situations and decisions involving money and shares her insightful advice and tips.

  • You Need a Budget is actually an app which helps you track your spending, and the app has a podcast component. It helps you take control of your finances and give every incoming dollar a job.

Check out these great podcasts to better inform your personal financial decision making as well as get a better grasp on the larger economic environment!

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Shelly Stevens
Shelly is a wife, mother, and eco-conscience member of society. When not fulfilling her daily family duties, she actively seeks out ways to make the world a better place.